Movable Sauna with Aroma therapy system

"SaunaHolm Finaland Sauna World" pre-cut sauna system consists of pre-engineered panels pre-fabricated at factory. All panels are framed and insulated, therefore no messy on site construction that will disturb others' work-in-progess. All sauna paneling are made from highly selected grade-A soft wood (Scandinavian Pine timber) that inherited yellowish color that will turn darken beautifully over age. The timber panels have a scent of grain, redolent of fresh coniferous. High temperature may cause the local wood grain to appear on the surface that many people consider a nice detail in the interior.


Movable Sauna Room
Model: MS42-2
1-2 seater: 42”(L)x42”(W)x78”(H)
with 3KW heater
RM 8,880 *

Model: MS48-3
2-3 seater: 48”(L)x48”(W)x78”(H)
with 3KW heater
RM 9,880 *


Sauna Heaters & Accessories

Stainless Steel "Finaland SAWO" Heater c/w Built-in Control panel- made from superior quality stainless steel container with unique leak proof feature and run with high quality chrome steel elements that allow wet rock steam to create "loyly": the moist heat in finn term. Internal stainless steel baffling plates ensure gravity free convection airflow for greater heating efficiency and economize on cost running. The range of sauna heaters, from 3.0KW to 21.0KW, which can accommodate different sizes of sauna rooms.
Sauna accessories: wooden bucket, wooden ladle, sand-timer, thermo-hygrometer
Sauna Heater with separate control panel
Sauna Heater with built-in control panel and sauna stone
Sauna Stones
* Installation fee not included.
* The price limited to Kuching area.



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